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Fun Furniture Collection

Fun Furniture Collection by The Art Of Seeing was inspired by our visit to Gaydon Classic & Vintage Commercial Show in 2008. Our passion for vehicles of all types combining it with the love of furniture design resulted in a unique fun and off the wall furniture collection all based around vehicles. From our studio in Greater Manchester and workshop in Stoke on Trent, we prototype each piece preparing it for sell to all kinds of people. Our design philosophy is simple; we choose the most practical materials applying them to the design of the furniture, maintaining as much detail from the original vehicle producing a practical working piece of furniture. Our aims are to give people choice to influence how the final project will look and function. Parents out there want to have functional, unique and solidly made furniture with the ability to add their own individual touches. Fun items of furniture allow children to be children and good build quality allows the furniture to be passed down to future generations of children to do the same thing. We hope you enjoy our design values and of course our furniture. Mark & Llinos x

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@fun_furniture May 19, 13:00

Happy Friday! We love our Rolls-Royce Theme bed and can't wait to show everyone in person at the…

@fun_furniture May 19, 08:33

@shazbaz7 Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic weekend of celebrating. :-) xxx

@fun_furniture May 14, 19:38

Here is our New Land Rover Large open toy chest. One more still to come.... 🙂 #landrover

@fun_furniture May 14, 17:28

Presenting Our New Land Rover Open Toy Chest. #landrover #newfor2017 #funfurniturecollection

@fun_furniture May 12, 20:13

Happy Friday, although a little later than planned! Today is all about our Rolls-Royce postcards…

@hippeas_snacks May 09, 23:40

Our CEO @liviobisterzo spoke to @FounderMade about entrepreneurship. Learn more here -

@fun_furniture May 05, 08:58

Happy Friday! Today is all about our Special offer 😀 Our T5 camper van single bed is now on our…

@hippeas_snacks May 04, 08:40

Our CEO @liviobisterzo spoke to the @Telegraph about entrepreneurism & our #Hippeas story. Share the love, man!

@fun_furniture Apr 27, 21:09

The office will be closed for a few days from Friday 28th April and reopens Tuesday 2nd May. If…

@fun_furniture Apr 21, 12:36

Happy Friday! This week it is all about the T5 camper van single bed. This ex demo single bed…

@fun_furniture Apr 16, 23:35

Happy Easter from Llinos & Mark at Fun Furniture Collection. We hope you had a wonderful day :-)

@fun_furniture Apr 14, 11:27

Happy Friday. We wish you a very Happy Easter. :-)

@hippeas_snacks Apr 12, 23:55

"Find cheese within". Big love to our friends at @WholeFoods Boston for having us on the back cover of their spring…

@fun_furniture Apr 12, 14:33

Our website currently has a server error.We apologise for the inconvenience and will be back up and running asap.Thank you for your patience

@fun_furniture Apr 07, 18:20

Check out Wiki Store for their awesome products, like the one I've just bought here

@fun_furniture Apr 07, 11:48

Happy Friday! :-) Today is all about going back to our roots and the AEC Matador Single bed…

@Gonein60minutes Apr 03, 20:44

Not only my favourite snack at the moment but also the best stand at the show @hippeas_snacks #chickpeacrisps 👌🏼

@hippeas_snacks Apr 03, 20:43

We've had an awesome time sharing some #PeasAndLove at "Natural & Organic" these past 2 days. Thanks to everyone th…

@fun_furniture Apr 01, 16:36

Download a Bear! Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear

@fun_furniture Mar 31, 12:00

Happy Friday! 😀We all love the weekend. Wake up in our Herbie Beetle Single bed and relax the…

@hippeas_snacks Mar 30, 23:07

The sun's finally out in London. Be cool, man! #PeasAndLove ✌🏼☀️

@fun_furniture Mar 24, 08:00

Happy Friday 😀today is all about our Route Master London Bus Bunk bed. Waking up in style. Enjoy…

@hippeas_snacks Mar 22, 18:20

Day 3 is when the magic happens @IFEexhibition #IFE2017 #PeasAndLove

@hippeas_snacks Mar 21, 09:12

Ready to rock at @IFEexhibition. Come say yo at booth N1548 #IFE2017

@hippeas_snacks Mar 17, 13:26

Happy St Paddy's Day folks. Get your fill of protein & fibre from a pack of #HIPPEAS before hitting the Guiness' th…

@fun_furniture Mar 17, 09:08

Happy Friday! Today is all about the weekend and our Large Camper Van Toy Chest. 😀#toychest…

@DeveybyDuvalay Mar 11, 23:12

#WIN a HD Collection pure new wool mattress protector from @MyNextMattress RT & follow by 17 March to enter…

@fun_furniture Mar 10, 11:39

Happy Friday! Today it's all about our Rolls- Royce Single bed. Designing the exhibition stand…

@hippeas_snacks Mar 09, 20:33

Underway at #ExpoWest! Come say hello in the food truck zone & booth M102 #PeasAndLove

@hippeas_snacks Mar 09, 08:06

Introducing the latest member of our #HIPPEAS family, Giuseppea #PeasAndLove ✌🏼

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