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Fun Furniture Collection

Fun Furniture Collection by The Art Of Seeing was inspired by our visit to Gaydon Classic & Vintage Commercial Show in 2008. Our passion for vehicles of all types combining it with the love of furniture design resulted in a unique fun and off the wall furniture collection all based around vehicles. From our studio in Greater Manchester and workshop in Stoke on Trent, we prototype each piece preparing it for sell to all kinds of people. Our design philosophy is simple; we choose the most practical materials applying them to the design of the furniture, maintaining as much detail from the original vehicle producing a practical working piece of furniture. Our aims are to give people choice to influence how the final project will look and function. Parents out there want to have functional, unique and solidly made furniture with the ability to add their own individual touches. Fun items of furniture allow children to be children and good build quality allows the furniture to be passed down to future generations of children to do the same thing. We hope you enjoy our design values and of course our furniture. Mark & Llinos x

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@hippeas_snacks Feb 22, 22:17

Looking for a post surf snack? Give peas a chance! #HIPPEAS ✌🏼🏄🏻

@fun_furniture Feb 20, 21:38

@achrisevans have a look at this chair. What a story!

@achrisevans Feb 20, 15:11

Teacher? Don't submit just one #500Words story, send everything in! Every story helps improve education worldwide

@fun_furniture Feb 17, 09:32

Happy Friday! Here's a picture from one of our clients who loves his Land Rover bunk bed. Hope…

@fun_furniture Feb 17, 08:00

@hippeas_snacks @peta2 @peta Congratulations guys :-) well deserved #peasandlove

@hippeas_snacks Feb 17, 07:59

Big love to @peta2 @peta for naming us "Best Vegan Snack" at this years Libby Awards! #PeasAndLove ✌🏼

@fun_furniture Feb 13, 10:49

feature in The Sunday Times Style Magazine. Thank you so much for all your support, we couldn't do it without you. #Dublove #themebed

@fun_furniture Feb 13, 10:49

What a whirlwind of a weekend since Happy Friday. Over 50K of hits for the Bay Camper Van photo & the added bonus of being part of a feature

@fun_furniture Feb 12, 14:45

Here we are in The Sunday Times article featuring one of our clients, & of course one of two 110 Land Rover beds.

@hippeas_snacks Feb 11, 16:46

All stocked up for a trip to the beach. Time for some weekend waves! #PeasAndLove 🏄🏻

@fun_furniture Feb 10, 11:44

Happy Friday. :-) We love it when our customers show us pictures of our creations in their homes…

@hippeas_snacks Jan 26, 21:55

Big love to @Headspace for having us share some #PeasAndLove at their HQ this week! #HIPPEAS

@hippeas_snacks Jan 12, 21:58

We're 20% off in @planetorganicuk until the end of Jan. Stock up now & save some dosh! 💷💷#PeasAndLove

@hippeas_snacks Jan 12, 21:58

The revolution will be plant-based. Totally vegan. Totally delicious. Give peas a chance! #HIPPEAS #PeasAndLove

@fun_furniture Jan 12, 15:44

Available in late design for Fun Furniture Collection in 2017. This Bay Camper Van…

@hippeas_snacks Dec 30, 22:06

Great to see @WFMLondon Fulham Broadway sharing the #PeasAndLove ✌🏼

@fun_furniture Dec 22, 07:59

Seasons greetings from Llinos & Mark at Fun Furniture Collection. #projectrollsroyce #christmas

@fun_furniture Dec 22, 07:56

@RRECShowcase Seasons greetings from Llinos & Mark at Fun Furniture Collection. #projectrollsroyce

@EveningGazette Dec 22, 07:53

Some stunning pictures here

@fun_furniture Dec 20, 22:09

Have a wonderful festive season. Best wishes, Llinos & Mark. Fun Furniture Collection…

@hippeas_snacks Dec 15, 20:04

Fancy winning your height in #HIPPEAS? Follow & RT to enter the draw! #PeasAndLove ✌🏼️

@fun_furniture Dec 14, 21:44

@echo_bubbles hi, please contact us at & we can supply you alll the information. Many thanks, Llinos & Mark

@fun_furniture Dec 13, 18:06

Thank you for a wonderful night at Kensington Palace #rrrecshowcase Looking forward to Burghley…

@fun_furniture Dec 13, 18:03

@RRECShowcase Thx you for a wonderful night at Kensington Palace #rrrecshowcase Looking forward to Burghley in June…

@Media_SJH Dec 13, 07:15

We can barely move for boxes filled with beautiful treats for the @RRECShowcase goodie bags! Two days to go! #RRECShowcase #luxury #design

@fun_furniture Dec 11, 17:39

Wonderful evening at RREC Showcase event at Kensington Palace. Thank you to all involved.…

@biiju_jewellery Dec 10, 18:42

A sneak peak of our Satin Ribbon outfit for the @RRECShowcase ✨#puttingonashow

@FrankHederman Dec 10, 18:42

Setting off shortly for Kensington Palace where our finest smoked Irish salmon will be served. @RRECShowcase

@KevalaStairs Dec 10, 18:42

Very excited about the book launch tonight @RRECShowcase! #RRECShowcase #KensingtonPalace #rollsroyce

@RRECShowcase Dec 09, 22:03

It's all happening at The Orangery st Kensington Palace! The showcase is coming together and we can't wait to see y…

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