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Fun Furniture Collection

Fun Furniture Collection by The Art Of Seeing was inspired by our visit to Gaydon Classic & Vintage Commercial Show in 2008. Our passion for vehicles of all types combining it with the love of furniture design resulted in a unique fun and off the wall furniture collection all based around vehicles. From our studio in Greater Manchester and workshop in Stoke on Trent, we prototype each piece preparing it for sell to all kinds of people. Our design philosophy is simple; we choose the most practical materials applying them to the design of the furniture, maintaining as much detail from the original vehicle producing a practical working piece of furniture. Our aims are to give people choice to influence how the final project will look and function. Parents out there want to have functional, unique and solidly made furniture with the ability to add their own individual touches. Fun items of furniture allow children to be children and good build quality allows the furniture to be passed down to future generations of children to do the same thing. We hope you enjoy our design values and of course our furniture. Mark & Llinos x

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@fun_furniture Jun 23, 14:31

Happy Friday from Burghley House and the RREC Diamond Jubilee Rally weekend. #worldofluxury

@fun_furniture Jun 22, 19:39

Great afternoons work, all set up for the RREC Diamond Jubilee Rally in the World of Luxury…

@fun_furniture Jun 22, 19:38

Great afternoons work, all set up for the RREC Diamond Jubilee Rally in the World of Luxury…

@fun_furniture Jun 21, 08:06

@Rolls__Royce We look forward to seeing you this weekend @burghleyhouse #themebed #unique

@Media_SJH Jun 21, 08:02

Rolls Royce celebrate second highest sales in 113-year history. #RREC #RROC Read more about their great history via…

@Media_SJH Jun 21, 08:02

The Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club celebrate their Diamond Jubilee this June during the annual Rally at Burghley House…

@Media_SJH Jun 21, 08:01

It's days like this that are made for driving a #RollsRoyce If you're a fan too, join us on 24&25 June…

@Media_SJH Jun 21, 08:00

Less than week to go until the spectacle that is the Rolls Royce Rally weekend @burghleyhouse Follow #rrecdiamond f…

@fun_furniture Jun 21, 07:59

@burghleyhouse Looking forward to being with you this weekend #rrecdiamondjubilee

@fun_furniture Jun 21, 07:56

@achrisevans Come and visit this weekend, be lovely to see you and we can show you our #Rollsroyce #theme bed

@fun_furniture Jun 21, 07:51

@RRECShowcase Look forward to seeing you all over the weekend. #Rollsroyce #themebed #unique

@fun_furniture Jun 18, 17:52

4 days and counting... Come and see us and our fantastic Rolls- Royce single bed at the RREC…

@fun_furniture Jun 16, 16:52

Happy Friday :-) 6 days and counting before we are Burghley House and the RREC weekend. We look…

@fun_furniture Jun 09, 14:26

Happy Friday :-) There are many special offers on our website. Click on the link to see our amazing deals.…

@fun_furniture Jun 09, 14:24

Happy Friday :-) There are many special offers on our website. Click on the link to see our…

@fun_furniture Jun 06, 19:29

The Rolls-Royce bed is back from storage and looking fantastic. 16 days and counting till the…

@fun_furniture Jun 02, 17:26

@BBCRadio2 Can you please wish Bob Boneham a very happy Birthday. Keep Rockin no g! Thanks, Llinos & Mark x

@fun_furniture Jun 02, 08:35

Happy Friday! We love this photograph of our Herbie Beetle single bed. Interior design by Andrew…

@fun_furniture May 31, 21:39

Another late night working, but well worth it for this Land Rover 90 extra large toy box…

@fun_furniture May 28, 22:34

Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP.

@fun_furniture May 28, 11:25

Who says Bank Holiday weekends are for rest?! Here is our Land Rover 4x4 rock crawler large toy…

@fun_furniture May 19, 13:00

Happy Friday! We love our Rolls-Royce Theme bed and can't wait to show everyone in person at the…

@fun_furniture May 19, 08:33

@shazbaz7 Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic weekend of celebrating. :-) xxx

@fun_furniture May 14, 19:38

Here is our New Land Rover Large open toy chest. One more still to come.... 🙂 #landrover

@fun_furniture May 14, 17:28

Presenting Our New Land Rover Open Toy Chest. #landrover #newfor2017 #funfurniturecollection

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